IT Virtualization Condensed Into Normal Person Lingo — And How It Saves Businesses Money

Virtualization is a buzzword in IT communities these days, but the reality is that while our IT nerds may understand the concept, most businesses fail to see or hear about what exactly IT virtualization is, and how it can benefit their businesses. Also changeing your systems over via office 365 migrations will help update your IT.

The reality is, it’s a broad term and can encompass a variety of applications, all with their own nuances. So, let’s break this down and explain why virtualization is a huge time and money saver for businesses.

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What is Virtualization?

Technically, virtualization is the “creation of a virtual (rather than actual) version of something, such as an operating system, a server, a storage device or network resource” as defined by SearchServerVirtualization.

In other words, it is a method of separating an application and the resources required to run it—memory, operating system, network access, processor, and so on—from the actual underlying hardware (or, in other words, your actual computer).

In essence, virtualization means that you can have multiple resources be accessed from a single server. This means that you can make better and more efficient use of your existing servers, resulting in less required servers, less energy consumption, and less maintenance.

This means less money spent.

The Categories of Virtualization

Virtualization is term that comprises many different types of computing. To help you understand the various uses of virtualization infrastructure, we’ve broken this down into a few of the different categories of virtualization.

Network Virtualization

This is a method of combining the available resources in a network by splitting the bandwidth into multiple independent channels. Each of these channels will be assigned to a particular server or device.

For instance, every channel on your TV is coming through one system into your home. All this information is split into various channels that can be accessed at any time, and are assigned to particular shows or networks.